The economy is very important to any resident that is affected by it, whether directly or indirectly. Morristown is in need of economic growth, to ensure our residents are experience a greater quality of life. Innovation and start-ups fuel can fuel or economic growth. These forms of businesses, are ultimately, the job creators who launch ingenious ideas, take risks and create value for the consumers of this city. If you take a closer look at Morristown, you’ll realize that our city has been built by encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation. Especially in our current economic dormancy, it is crucial that we pursue state and local policies that promote innovation to ensure that there will be enough prosperity to carry on into the next generation for Morristown.

If elected as your Mayor of Morristown, I plan to bring innovation to our residents in a variety of ways. My goal is to build partnerships between existing-and-upcoming entrepreneurs and established businesses to further advance commerce in Morristown, and overall productivity. This will result in more employment opportunities for our residents, and will also enable residents to launch their own dreams and venture with the support key players within this city. I also plan to implement a mentor-mentee infrastructure connecting industry-related experts with young entrepreneurs, startup groups, and individuals who are looking to build and expand their businesses. I believe that incubator programs, apprenticeships in collaboration with trade and vocational schools are the perfect vehicles to ensure economic growth for Morristown.