Housing for Morristown’s low-income families rarely ever makes the front page and has been noticeably absent from previous elections and initiatives as an issue that should be addressed. Over the next decade, the demand for rental housing will continue to grow. The number of senior renters is projected to grow exponentially. More than a quarter of Morristown’s residents will pay more than 50 percent of their income for rent, if it isn’t occurring now. The government and the resources it retains has to be an essential part of solving this affordability challenge. Developing more expensive housing that low-income families can afford to rent just isn’t feasible without government or new established subsidies.

Given the current and growing need, we must create a new generation of rental assistance focusing on the more vulnerable households. My focal points for implementing better housing options is to introduce affordable veteran housing, special needs housing for residents with disabilities, and low-income housing. To provide this solution, I am willing to form partnerships with both government entities, private/non-profit organizations, which  through investing, can provide more opportunities for first time home buyers or employer contributions to match their employees contributions toward purchasing homes. I believe we are in need of alternative types of housing options; and this form of resolve will yield great benefits to the people of Morristown.

More information how why we need greater housing options: (see below)